Don’t Just Move…RYDE!


RealRyders® at Halifax Yoga from Megin Peake on Vimeo.

The RealRyder® Indoor Cycling bike is like no other indoor bike on the planet.

The unique, patented articulating frame technology lets the rider – any rider, novice to pro – fully engage their body and mind in a one-of-a-kind tactile, dynamic and functional riding experience.

Classes are the same price as yoga packages and memberships and can be used for both yoga and ryding!


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The following are REQUIRED to take class;

A Towel, Water Bottle, Indoor Sneakers and/or Cycling Shoes!

A gel seat or Padded shorts is suggested for comfort!


Shoes are not permitted outside of the cycling room.

      • If you are using cycling shoes please also bring sneakers in case they do not fit the pedals. Barefeet or sock feet will not be permitted.
      • You will also be required to clean up your bike and area after class!
      • You MUST pre-register for a bike. Please sign up a head of time ONLINE, to save your spot! An active pass is required to save a spot.
      • You may cancel online up to 12 hours prior to the start time without any penalty. Cancellations after that time will count as a class used. If you have a membership, you will be charged a single class drop in, if you do not have a membership, your credit card will be charged a drop in rate. All unused classes will return to your account for future use. There are no refunds for any payments made so please CHOOSE your classes carefully.
      • If you are not in the class by the start time, your spot will be released. *For safety late comers will not be admitted into class.

HY Ryde: Have a better and safer workout.












Burn 20-30% more calories with the side-to-side sway of the bike and protect your hip and knee joints while doing so. Low impact, high cardio and LOTS of fun! Feel the Burn!

The RealRyder® Bike mimics the real biking experience far better than any other indoor bike on the market ever has, and you will engage more muscles than you would on a traditional spinning bike!

30 Days Unlimited for $50 for new clients! Click here for all the pricing !

Check out the RealRyder® Indoor Cycle in action!

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*For safety reasons, please only attend classes that you arrive before class and can stay for the entire class-through cool down and stretching. Late comers or early leavers cannot be accommodated due to the size and class set up.

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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