Sherry Zak

Sherry has been exploring the world through movement her whole life and continues to be fascinated by the complexity and wisdom if the human body. Growing up Sherry spent a lot of time at a dance studio studying ballet and developing a curiosity for anatomy and alignment. This inspired her to study Massage Therapy at the widely respected West Coast College of Massage Therapy. It was here that Sherry’s love affair with Yoga began and she LOVES Yoga!


Sherry is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher and the owner of Halifax Yoga, an amazing Yoga cOMmUNITY empowering and supporting people as they step into their greatness. Sherry believes that at its core, Yoga is all about connection and relationships; to self and to others.

She is grateful on a daily basis for the opportunity to offer people a place to challenge themselves, get inspired and deepen their personal growth in a positive, caring environment.

Sherry has assisted and completed numerous trainings with her teacher Baron Baptiste and continues to study with Baron every chance she gets. She is the creator and director of the Halifax Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, which is a Registered school with Yoga Alliance. Sherry strongly believes in the power of service and is a Mentor and an Ambassador for Africa Yoga Project; an organization that uses the transformative power of Yoga to empower communities and change lives in East Africa. She travelled to Kenya in 2011 as an Ambassador to work directly with Africa Yoga Project and their teachers. Sherry is also an Ambassador for lululemon and heads up a Karma Yoga program that gives back to local Communities. When not at the studio, Sherry can be found playing with the two greatest loves of her life, her sons Connor and Maxwell.

About Sherry

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK
Sun Sign: Taurus
Nickname: Zak Attack, Squirt
Favorite Words: “I Love You”
I wish for: My boys to grow up to be amazing, compassionate men who make a difference in this world.
I am thankful for: My family and my yoga community.
What gives you peace? Being organized and adequate sleep.
Why Yoga? God circled this place on the map just for me. It’s my dharma (my life purpose).
3 words to describe you: Giving, Compassionate, Curious.
What/who inspires you? My children, Connor & Max.
What you can’t live without? My boys.
Favorite yoga pose and why? Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel), it cracks my heart wide open and gives me a new perspective
Secret comfort foods? Nutella!
Words to live by (or your favorite quote): “You have to show up and suck before you can show up and shine.”
Best advice you’ve ever received (from who?): “You have been hiding for a very long time. What is that costing you in your life?” ~ Baron Baptiste.
Words to describe your teaching style? I am committed every class to showing up fully present and teaching from my heart.
What do you love to do for FUN? I love all games but especially charades with my kids. I also run, ski, hike, swim, dance and of course YOGA!
When/where/with who was your first yoga class? In Vancouver with my sister in 1993…not sure of the instructor’s name.
Local escape: Long Lake with my Portuguese Water Dog, Oola.

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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