Sara Harrigan

Sara came to yoga as a natural extension of her professional dance career with Halifax’s Mocean Dance.  What started simply as a physical practice to enhance her training, quickly morphed into a much deeper spiritual connection. Halifax Yoga has been her home studio for over a decade and she has grown here through many roles including student, Energy Exchanger, Teacher Trainee, Teacher Training Mentor and now Teacher.  She has been mentored by Sherry Zak, Coeli Marsh, Angela Jackson and most recently, Sadie Nardini in her Yoga Shred style, a fusion of Yoga and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Sara is thrilled to be sharing this style in her HY class, Yoga Conditioning; combining her love of movement, music and fitness.  She believes it is a fun, effective way to increase your strength, boost your energy and have an amazing savasana!

About Sara

Hometown:  Halifax, NS
Nickname:  Saragan
Favorite Words: “Mom, I love you”
I wish for: My children to always value and nourish their health
I am thankful for: My health, my family and to live in a beautiful, peaceful part of the world.
What gives you Peace? The ocean, solitude and getting on my mat
Why Yoga? It’s a path inward when life gets hectic
3 words to describe you: Minimalist, sentimental, loyal
What/who inspires you? Mothers everywhere, but especially my own Mom.
What you can’t live without? My family, movement, music
Favorite Yoga Pose and Why? Bird of Paradise because it’s not often called and it feels like a flower growing up from the ground.  Resistance is created with the bind, so it makes the arrival at the top so victorious!
Secret comfort foods? Ice Cream, chocolate and sweet potato fries
Words to live by (or your favorite quote):

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Best advice you’ve ever received (from who?): ‘You have to show up and suck before you can show up and shine”-Sherry Zak
Words to describe your teaching style?  Mindful, focused with room for possibility
What do you love to do for FUN?  Laugh with my kids, cook, travel and eat out
Local escape:  Halifax Yoga!

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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