Kelly Dunfee

Kelly has been a student of yoga, in its many forms, for close to 30 years, it has been a deep passion for her and a strong medicine.  In 2011 Kelly took the 200HR Teacher Training program at Halifax Yoga with Sherry Zak and Coeli Marsh. She continues to evolve and deepen her yoga practice and in 2015 travelled to India to take Kundalini Teacher Training. Currently Kelly teaches restorative yoga on Sunday mornings, she loves the healing nature of the practice and the state of deep relaxation that students can achieve during a class. When not teaching yoga Kelly can be found out in nature or by the ocean, she loves to travel, and as a student of yoga continues to seek out new experiences and knowledge of the practice.  

 ABOUT Kelly:

Hometown: Halifax

Sun sign: Pisces

Favourite Words: Inclusion, tolerance and love

I wish for: The world to wake up

I am thankful for: Family and friends, and my yoga practice

What gives you peace: Nature

Why Yoga: Its where I connect to myself

3 words to describe you: Adventurous, Introspective, Steady

What/Who inspires you: Those who live their truth with devotion, passion and conviction

What can’t you live without: My mat, my family, my friends 

Favourite yoga pose & why: Downward Facing Dog – some days it is my practice, and its where I find the balance between my strength and my flexibility

Secret comfort food:  Ice Cream, but its not really a secret.

Words to live by: “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

Best Advice: “Take care of the corners and the middle will look after itself” – my Mother

What do you love to do for fun: Hanging with family, long hikes in nature, exploring the world and myself

When/Where/With who was your first yoga class: Around 30 years ago, I forget the details but I knew I had found my path. 

Local Escape: Duncan’s Cove, the ocean sooths my soul.


Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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