Kathy Walters

Discover my true self, and for that I am grateful. I love practicing at Halifax Yoga and Sherry has cultivated an amazing space and a community of truly wonderful people who have inspired my practice and my teaching.

Kathy Walters

I am also a grade Primary teacher who loves sharing yoga with my students. I am always amazed at their willingness to learn the poses and the breath work. I have seen firsthand how this practice has the ability to alleviate anxiety in children, which in turn helps them to relax and become more attentive learners.

I am committed to sharing my love for yoga with others.

About Kathy

Hometown: Halifax, NS
Sun Sign: Pisces
Nickname: Kate, Suzie Q, Cappie
Favorite Words: I love you!
I wish for: Yoga to be a part of the public school curriculum at the Elementary level
I am thankful for: Those who love and care for me
What gives you peace? Being surrounded by nature
Why Yoga? Yoga has changed my life and introduced me to so many amazing people.
3 words to describe you: loving, nurturing and easy going
What/who inspires you? My Aunt Katie, who is battling cancer and her unstoppable strength and determination.
What you can’t live without? Yoga, my family and friends
Favorite yoga pose and why? I love Natarajasana (dancer) because when I am in this pose my mind has no choice but to stop.
Secret comfort foods? Ketchup Chips
Words to live by (or your favorite quote): “Every little thing, is going to be alright” Bob Marley
Best advice you’ve ever received (from who?): ‘Life is short; you have to be happy while you are here.’ Mom
What do you love to do for FUN? I love to jump in the car and go to a place I have never been.
When/where/with who was your first yoga class? My first yoga class was at Acadia University in 1998.
Local escape: Sherbrooke, NS and High Head in Prospect, NS

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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