Joy’s passion for yoga began around 2008. Being fit had always been an important part of her life but while training for a 10 k run, she tripped and badly sprained her ankle. Since she had taken yoga classes in the past, she decided to go back to stay in shape during the healing process. There she met an instructor name Jason, who taught yoga in a way that spoke to her.

When she discovered Halifax Yoga, her practiced deepened and eventually she enrolled in the YTT program under Sherry Zak and Coeli Marsh, finishing in 2014. Although her intention was never really to teach, Joy started doing outreach through the HY program at Laing House. The outreach teaching grew to include IWK Choices and recently, 5th floor IWK.

Teaching is Joy’s way of sharing her love of yoga, guiding others to develop their own practice and passion. Working with these young people has been very rewarding, they truly respond to the playful and interactive approach she brings to the practice.

Quite by accident Joy fell into teaching Yin. It had been part of her own personal practice for a time and she developed a love for the style and the balance it provided. Asked to sub for a class, she did and fell in love with the energy in the room. She is very excited to be able to teach this class weekly, encouraging her students to be in touch with their breath and body.

About Joy:

Hometown: Miramichi, NB ( Newcastle)

Sun sign: Sagittarius

Nickname: J Lo

Favourite Words: Santosha ( contentment)

I wish for: a peaceful existence

I am thankful for: my family

What gives you peace: reading a book in a quiet place

Why Yoga: my yoga practice allows me to focus on the present, creating a peaceful space

3 words to describe you: caring, loyal, well intended

What/Who inspires you: my grandson – he thinks I am fun!

What can’t you live without: family gatherings

Favourite yoga pose & why: Dragon series…releasing the hips!

Secret comfort food: peanut butter cups

Words to live by: Let It Be ( the Beatles)

Best Advice: “If you are waiting for the perfect time to try something, it may never happen.” Laura Gibson

Words to describe your teaching style? kind, nurturing, balanced

What do you love to do for fun: Play with my grandson, time with family and friends, any sporting event

When/Where/With who was your first yoga class: university in 1978 ( I hated it!)

Local Escape: Halifax Central Library


Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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