Jenna Hillier

Jenna’s love affair with yoga began back in 2006 when she took her first yoga class with a friend, at a hot yoga studio. Then she moved away from NS and yoga was put on the backburner until 2010 when she found her way back to it. At first it was just here and there, a few times a month and then when she moved back to NS again in 2011, she started a regular practice.

After a year of rinsing it out in a hot room, she longed for more than just the physical benefits of sweating and contorting herself in to sometimes awkward poses and she began her exploration of other styles of yoga, eventually making her way to Halifax Yoga where she found everything she wished for and more! It was at here at Halifax Yoga in 2012 that she found her “yoga home”, where she found the community she didn’t even know she wanted, balance in her life she didn’t even know she was lacking and the knowledge of what Yoga really means.

She will be forever grateful for stumbling upon Halifax Yoga and the growth in her life because of it and aims to share the benefits of yoga on and off the mat with anyone who will listen (seriously…).


Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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