Amanda MacEachern

I grew up as a reluctant yogi. I had an off and on again yoga practice, and my dad has always been a committed yogi but I had never found a style or lineage that spoke to me. My experience began to change when I found Baptiste Inspired yoga! I loved the physicality of the practice. Then I started to notice yoga seeping into my life, off of the mat.

I was connecting the dots to my body, mind and spirit. I had struggled with some anxiety and I had never acknowledged that I needed something to change. Yoga gave me the opportunity to feel physically stable and now I was balancing that with my growing mental stability. I learned how to ride the waves of life, the good and the bad times, with steadiness.

I teach yoga because I was healed by yoga. Yoga is my medicine and I want to hold space for others to experience yoga and its ability to heal us, connect us and bring community together to direct change in a positive way.

My teaching style is energetic, playful, spacious and balanced. In my class you can expect to shift energy, laugh or cry. You will experience, space to show up as you are (which is enough) and leave in choice for how you want to be.

My passions in life are traveling, cooking, being on the water, spending time with Paul and Yogi and my friends and of course, YOGA!

About Amanda

Hometown: North Sydney, Cape Breton Island
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Nickname: My cousins call me “Manders.”
Favorite Words: “Love Life” -Ryan Gillis
I wish for: Healthy friends and family
I am thankful for: the ebs and flow of life
What gives you peace? cleaning
Why Yoga? Yoga wakes me up, physically and spiritually.
3 words to describe you: funny, activator, opportunity creator
What/who inspires you? The beautiful team at HY.
What you can’t live without? Paul and Yogi
Favorite yoga pose and why? Forward folds…any of them.
Secret comfort foods? Salt! Anything salty.
Words to live by (or your favorite quote): Thank you and I forgive you, I am sorry
Best advice you’ve ever received (from who?): Be the first to say sorry and watch the energy shift.
Words to describe your teaching style? Energetic, playful, balanced
What do you love to do for FUN? I can make anything fun.
When/where/with who was your first yoga class? My dad taught me Kundalini yoga….in jr high! HA!
Local escape: My backyard!

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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