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We were so excited to get back into the studio!

Please know class sizes are limited to follow the guidelines for social distancing and we will have restrictions in place for your well being. 
We kindly ask you to read below new policies in place during this time.


  1. Have you traveled in the last couple of weeks?
  2. Do you have any cold or flu symptoms?
  3. Have you come into contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid 19?
  4. Are you awaiting Covid Results?
  5. Have you been to any of the exposure sites?
  6. Does anyone in your household, or anyone you are in constant contact with fall into 1-5?
  7. Have you travelled to/from NB or anyone in your household?

If you answered yes to any of these, we kindly ask you to refrain from participating in classes/programs at the studio for at least 14 days from date of contact/symptoms/arrival home. Take time to nurture yourself and join us when you are feeling better.

We have a lot of vulnerable members and those with compromised immune systems, and we want to make this environment safe for everyone!  

Lets work together to ensure that we can keep this space safe for all to land!


Class sizes will be limited and you MUST pre-register online. We will NOT be accepting drop ins.  There will also be a wait list in place. See schedule HERE!


Due to limited space in our classes, pre-registration is required. If you choose to cancel your booking, we kindly ask that you give us at least 12 hours notice. This allows others on the waitlist the opportunity to get notification and to get to the studio.

If you cancel within that 12 hour window before class or do not show up for class, we will debit a class from your account. If you are a member with HY we will automatically charge you the single drop in rate of $19 (plus tax). Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We appreciate your understanding.


We have a new online platform on Instagram! With a ton of recordings weekly to stream and a few lives to enjoy!! @hyonlineyoga

$25/2weeks, $40/month, $115/3months

We will extend all memberships/expiry dates for the duration of the closure (85 days & 23 days), please contact us when you are ready to come back and we will get that done!


Please bring in only what you need for class. We will let you in 10-15mins prior, one -two at a time (6FT APART) and will have mat markers in the room so you know where to go! When you enter, we ask that you enter the yoga room and do not hang out in the lobby so everyone can get in at a timely manner.

We will have sanitizer at the front desk and ask you use it at sign in! Please swipe in as per normal.

After class we ask that you wait until the teacher opens the door and exits the space (as well as the desk staff) and you do not hang around to socialize. We will need to clear and clean the space!

Please bring your water (water cooler accessible, please wipe down after you use)

We recommend folding your mat in half and rolling it up when you are packing up!


We kindly ask you wear a mask in and out of the studio if able.
We do not recommend wearing one while practicing as it can alter your breathing capacity. We will have a couple available for purchase.


The floor in the studio room has been taped for mat placement. The are spaced out 6ft all around the mat, as well as away from the instructor and there has been a clearing provided for exiting to the bathroom if needed.

There will be no hands on assisting, and the instructor will not be walking around the room. There will also be no heated classes at this time.

You may socialize as long as you stay on your mat.

If you need the bathroom at any time, the studio door will be left open and you will have access.

Bring your own props.


We will be leaving the door open to the bathroom when it is not in use. When you are done with the washroom and you have washed your hands, we ask you to use the paper towel to open the door and turn the light off and then dispose of the towel.

We ask you to wait in the change room cubicles for the bathroom if needed. We ask you keep the hallway clear for those exiting the bathrooms.


You will not have access to mat rentals or props at the studio. We kindly ask that you bring your own. There will also be no access to change rooms.
*We still have limited mats and props for sale at the studio! Ask for details HERE!


All passes will be extended for the duration of the closure upon request.  Please reach out to us directly to discuss options HERE


Please know we will continue to ensure that cleanliness and your health will be our top priority. We adhere to a high standard of health practices and we will be closely monitoring and provide any updates as needed.  We will also be following all the necessary steps to provide safety and comfort for you as students coming into this space.

1. If we are experiencing symptoms or fall into any of the screening questions, we will stay home.

2. Sanitize hands upon entrance 

3. Wear a mask if we are behind the desk or within a 6ft radius.

4. Will not be assisting or walking around during class.

5. Will wipe down anything touched and clean the room after each use.

6. Will enter the yoga room first before students and exit first.

7. We will be doing a full cleaning after each class (high touched areas, floors and more!)

8. Studio will be closed to incoming traffic in between classes.


1. If you are experiencing symptoms, please stay home. 

2. Pre Register for class.

3. Come prepared, as there will be no change rooms

4. Masks in and out of studio if able, we may have a few for sale

5. Classes open 10-15mins prior. Enter the building one at a time, 6ft apart with staff direction.

6. Sanitize hands upon entrance 

7. Go straight into the yoga room, lay your mat down on the marked spot and be prepared to stay in your mat. 

8. Bring your water (BYOW)

9. Bring your own props (BYOP) 

10. Fold your mat in half , while packing up

11. Let teacher and desk staff leave first and exit one at a time, as per teachers direction. Please do not hold up traffic or socialize.

Our Regular Health Practices at the Studio;

1. We are cleaning and sanitizing down the studio and props on the regular, multiple times a day!

2. Our team are ensuring that all high traffic touch points are sanitized repeatedly through out the day to minimize any transfer between individuals.

3. The studio floor is mopped, steamed and sanitized after every class.

4. We have switched all towels (Bathroom and in studio) to recycled paper. 

5. We have effectively removed all mat rentals for the time being. All students are to bring their own yoga mat to class, please!

6. We have removed all props from the studios, so we recommend layering your clothes and if you would like to bring your own props you certainly can! Towels are handy as props!

7. We have hand sanitizer for use at multiple locations over the studio, which includes restaurant grade hand cleaner & the amount of alcohol content required.

We encourage you to use our amazing soap to wash your hands before and after practice, and for at least 20 seconds or 5 FULL Yoga Breaths!


Update: We are booking!! You can go online and request a time/day and wait for confirmation or you can call!

We will have preliminary questions required at booking, and online bookings are not available.

  1. Have you traveled in the last couple of weeks?
  2. Do you have any cold or flu symptoms?
  3. Have you come into contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid 19?
  4. Are you awaiting Covid Results?
  5. Have you been to any of the exposure sites?
  6. Does anyone in your household, or anyone you are in constant contact with fall into 1-5?
  7. Have you travelled to/from NB or anyone in your household?

If you answer yes to any of these.. we would still be more than happy to book you in, but we will book you in for a min of 2 weeks down the road.

We will keep you updated here and if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us by email at or by phone 902-406-9642.

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