40 Days to Personal Revolution

The Next 40 Days to Personal Revolution ….Starts Sun. April 8th! Astrong>

40 Days to Personal Revolution is a breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul. A daily combination of asana practice, meditation, nutrition, and personal reflection will reveal mental clarity, lightness of body, and an illumination of spirit. This program, designed by Baron Baptiste, is run for just under 6-weeks and is for all levels of experience. This progressive program is run for just under 6 weeks with each week going deeper into 3 main areas:

  1. Going deeper into your power yoga practice
  2. Experiencing the commitment to a daily meditation practice
  3. Awareness and creation of a nutritional diet that suits your body


  • Strong, toned, healthy body
  • The support of others and being part of a great community free of judgment and full of love
  • Experiencing commitment on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally…

Weekly Requirements:

    • Studio practice ~ 5 yoga studio classes
    • Home practice ~ 1-2 yoga home practices (each week there is a theme to help you sustain your personal practice)
    • Rest day ~ take a day to rejuvenate and restore
    • Meditation ~ daily meditation (beginning with 5 min./day and building from there)
    • Nutrition ~ (weekly introspection of your nutritional habits & attachments around food. Week 4 includes a 3 day cleanse)
    • Journaling ~ daily journaling (each week there are journaling questions that encourage inward self exploration)

Weekly Community Meetings ~ The most beneficial part of the program! (Gain strength and encouragement from sharing with other participants. Meetings on Sundays from 6:30~7:45pm!

Tuition: $150 . Must Register by March 30th!

**YOGA: Participants will get unlimited yoga during the duration of this program. All passes will go on hold until the program is completed.

Be Challenged.
Still Your Mind.
Find Community.

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