80 Hour Mentorship Program

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Deadline Sept 1st! Early Bird until Aug 11th!


The Halifax Yoga Mentorship Program is designed to offer teachers at the 200-hour level or beyond a powerful training experience and effective professional development.

This 80 hour program will help refine and expand your teaching , develop intuitive knowledge and skills and  increase your confidence and ability as a teacher. You will have the opportunity to practice  teach with your peers and receive open and honest feedback and direction. This program will help you stay both accountable and creative as you work towards your personal and professional growth and development while creating a stronger foundation!

Application Requirements:

Graduate of  Halifax Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training or other approved 200 Hour Training Certification.

Training Intentions:

1. Assist in the transition from YTT to teaching in a studio.
2. Create your WHY – getting clarity around why you teach in order to help facilitate how you teach.
3. Prioritize your own health and wellbeing – crucial to being a successful teacher over the long term.
4. Review techniques: Alignment and biomechanics of various poses.
5. Discuss and advice for various class scenarios – in-class injuries, class behavior and communication, teacher/student relationships
6. Develop effective teaching techniques and communication, etc.
7. Create and develop your unique voice, and more!

Guideline of the Program

Group Setting In Studio Sessions (60hours)

a) Personal Goal Setting and creating your ‘WHY’ – People lose their way when they forget their why! get clarity on why you teach (or want to teach), create your vision, set goals, and develop actionable steps.
b) The Art & Science of Sequencing – The art of sequencing a class uses your skill and intuition, while the science provides guidelines on linking postures together in a comprehensive manner. Discussion and practicum will include vinyasa, yin and restorative sequences. As a teacher, combining the art and science of sequencing will increase your confidence and take your teaching to the next level.
c) The when and why to verbal Assist – Develop global vision, prioritization, and a trauma informed approach to assisting students. Deepen your observational skills to ensure your verbal assists are supportive, appropriate, feel-good and enhance your students’ experience on the mat. 
d) Develop your voice, language and effective ways to communicate to students of all levels of asana practice. Learn how to use your words to inspire your students and connect with them in a meaningful way.
e) Incorporating Theme Based classes  such as; yin, trauma sensitive, restorative, etc..

Teaching Practicum (10 hours)

You will have ample opportunity to practice teach and incorporate the knowledge and skills you learned throughout the program during the weekend intensives. You will receive supportive and comprehensive feedback. Your mentorship journey will culminate with you teaching a complete class incorporating the art & science of sequencing, trauma informed approach, and more!

Personal Development (10)

Observe & Take classes  • Complete reflection assignments  • Reading assignments, homework, and preparation for teaching practicum

TOTAL HOURS: 80 hours
Total minimum contact hours: 60 hours
Total Personal Development hours: 20 hours

To register for our Mentorship Program: Please complete and submit the registration form attached by email to laura@halifaxyoga.com and submit your processing fee of $50 and deposit of 50%.

Your application form will be reviewed immediately and you will be notified of approval within 3-5 business days. Please submit your application early to ensure a spot in the program.

The Facilitators:

Angela Day, Kari Morgan & Amanda MacEachern

Dates and Times for 2020* May be subject to change


Fri. Sept 11 : 6-9pm
Sat. Sept 12 : 12-5:30pm 

Fri. Sept 25: 6-9pm 
Sat. Sept 26: 12-5:30pm 
Fri. Oct 9: 6-9pm
Sat. Oct 10: 12-5:30pm
Fri. Oct 23: 6-9pm
Sat. Oct 24: 12-5:30pm
Fri. Nov 6: 6-9pm
Sat. Nov 7: 12-5:30pm
Fri. Nov 20:6-9pm
Sat. Nov 21: 12-5:30pm
Fri. Dec 4: 6-9pm
Sat. Dec 5:12-5:30pm
Fri. Dec 11: 6-9pm
Sat. Dec 12: 12-5:30pm
Early Bird – $650 (plus tax) until Aug 11
(Special 4 month unlimited membership available for $400 plus tax with early bird) 

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