• Jo-Leen Saulnier

    Hi there my name is Jo-Leen, I am 41 yrs young from Halifax NS
    My yoga adventure started just 5 months ago, back in Aug. The history of my yoga experience was attending 1 hot yoga session with my sister 10 years ago. I enjoyed it but never took my practice any further until recently.
    I was in a snowboarding accident and broke my wrist …

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  • September: Clinton Wilkins

    My name is Clinton Wilkins and I am regular at Halifax Yoga.  I got my start doing yoga at Beech Street Health Centre with an intro to yoga offered by Halifax Yoga Teacher Training graduate Andy Stone.  Since getting a solid base with Andy, I have tried many different classes at HY that fit around my busy schedule.  I am self-employed as a mortgage broker which …

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  • March: Leah Jackson

    Like so many other beginner yoga journeys in this city, my experience at Halifax Yoga started with the purchase of a 30 days for $40.00 intro pass. I though it was going to be a good way to get some physical activity and relax a bit, however, it really turned into something so much more in the weeks that followed.
    My first time at Halifax …

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  • January: Keri Hardman

    “You are enough”.
    When I first heard those words from a friend, I was startled. Of course I wasn’t enough! I wasn’t enough of a mom, I wasn’t enough of a partner to my husband, I wasn’t enough of an employee and the list of people I felt I ‘wasn’t enough for’ kept getting longer. The worst part was, I couldn’t get out of my …

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  • Decemeber: Theodora Spiropoulos

    I first began to explore yoga while living in Toronto. At that time I was taking a holistic nutrition program and the importance of not just physical health, but also mental and spiritual health formed the main focus of my studies. In order to help explore the latter I began to practice Hatha yoga on and off and did so for about two years.
    Upon …

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  • October: Andrea & Andrew Townsend

    We have both been attending Halifax Yoga for about a year now and we absolutely love this place!!! It all started when a couple co-workers of mine convinced me to take one of the spyin classes. I had such a great time. The warmth and acceptance was palpable. I signed up for the 30 days for $40 that night before I left. Within the next …

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  • August: Trudy Needler

    I went to my first yoga class well before I had children but it wasn’t until my grandmother was on her death bed that I turned to yoga for survival reasons. I became deeply depressed and had to live with the constant thoughts in my brain of “why are we here, what is important in life, am I living a life with purpose”. …

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