Spring Training Trilogy

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Yin Yoga Training with Kari Morgan

This form of yoga is more passive than vinyasa, but equally challenging with longer holds and a commitment to stillness. It is a perfect type of class to balance more athletic pursuits, as it targets deep connective tissue (fascia, tendons, and ligaments). This quiet practice will ease you into your parasympathetic nervous system and help you both lengthen and strengthen. With or without the use of props, it is accessible to experienced and new students alike.

This 35-hour training is meant to deepen and expand both your personal yoga practice and your teaching, by introducing you to yin yoga and its benefits. During the weekend we will cover: – the tenets of yin – the impact of compression and tension – the core poses including: – anatomy of the pose – target areas for each pose – modifications and variations of the poses – Yin class development and design.

You will participate in practice sessions to experience the poses in your body, as well as have opportunities to see the pose in different bodies. You will also gain practice teaching the poses. Finally, the new world of Yin will be touched upon, including teaching prop-less class and yin poses for the upper body.

This training includes an online group Q&A session a few weeks after you have had a chance to teach what you have learned and a one-on-one session to review a class sequence you have developed, where you will have the chance to ask questions and receive feedback.

About Kari Morgan:

Kari fell in love with yoga as a recovery took after her first knee surgery almost 15 years ago. A self-identified anatomy geek and an avid learner, she entered into a 200-hour YTT with Halifax Yoga and hit the ground running as a Vinyasa teacher. Her love for Yin yoga came a little later, as a balancing point for an active life and busy mind. Kari believes that yoga can be an amazing tool for every BODY so she helps students to connect how each pose can be supported by their unique anatomy through understanding how it should feel in their body (as opposed to how it should look).

Kari has continued her learning after her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, having completed a 500-hour Training and over 140 hours of Yin training with Bernie Clark, Biff Mithoefer and Upper Body Yin training with a student of Paul Grilley, as a new area to explore that is so relevant to North America lifestyles.

Training dates & times:
Thursday February 24th: 5-9 pm
Friday February 25th: 9-5pm
Saturday February 26th: 9-5pm
Sunday February 27th: 9- 6:30 pm (includes staying for a 75-minute Yin class and reflection)

Investment: $500+hst Early Bird deal until February 4th, 2022
Full price: $575+hst
Register online HERE or call 902-406-9642

Prenatal Yoga Training with Julianne Ross Brooks

The journey through pregnancy and postpartum is like no other. It fundamentally changes who a person is – mind, body, and spirit. The ability to guide women through this voyage, offering them comfort and community, is a special privilege for yoga instructors.

This 25-hour training will provide you with a thorough knowledge of this journey, beginning with conception, taking you through the 3 trimesters of pregnancy, and finishing with the postpartum experience, otherwise known as the 4th trimester. Learn physiological and hormonal changes and challenges; various conditions of pregnancy; common dos & don’ts for yoga asanas (poses); asanas specifically beneficial for prenatal ailments; and prepping the body for labour & delivery.

We will also delve into postpartum healing; continued physiological and hormonal changes; and yoga asanas specifically beneficial for the postpartum healing stage.

Learn about Prenatal/Postpartum pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and bandhas, as well as Ayurvedic principles and herbs/essential oils that aid in the mother’s journey.

This is an interactive training with Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Flow classes, group work, and an abundance of resources that you can take with you to aid in your own learning as well as the education of the women you will guide through your teaching.

About Julianne Ross Brooks:

While taking a 200-hour YTT with Halifax Yoga, Julianne began to assist in Prenatal Yoga classes, offering hands-on assists, props, and support to soon-to-be mothers. Through this experience, she began to learn so much – not just about Prenatal Yoga, but about anatomy, alignment, and the importance of taking care of our bodies & minds at every stage in the life cycle. Julianne pursued additional education in Pregnancy & Postnatal Training with Therapeutic Approach and continued on to take the Yoga Alliance Certified Prenatal YTT with Clare Newman. Julianne is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance and in the process of becoming a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) with the Yoga Alliance. She continues to enjoy leading Prenatal Yoga classes, as well as Flow classes and private lessons at Halifax Yoga.

Training dates & times:
Friday April 8th, 9am-5pm
Saturday April 9th, 9am-5pm
Sunday April 10th, 9am-5pm

Investment: $350+hst Early Bird deal until March 8th
Full price: $400+hst
Register online HERE or call 902-406-9642

Yoga for the Spine Training with Andrea Peloso

Your training has had a profound effect on how I approach my own practice and teaching. It’s one of the best trainings I’ve attended.” Stephanie Turple, Yoga Teacher

This 32-hour teacher training will provide students with an overview of how to genuinely benefit and protect the spine in yoga – a subject generally misunderstood and even avoided in contemporary yoga education.

Through an overview of anatomy, biomechanics, and sampling of yoga asana and exercises in the five categories of biomechanics, traction, strengthening, stretching, and relaxation, combined with our knowledge of anatomy, we will experience firsthand how to make our bodies feel fantastic in asana and keep it free of injury.

We will also discuss related concepts of non-violence and the modern context of yoga as it is generally taught in the west.

Come prepared to have fun and learn how yoga can help the spine, theory, and practice, as well as postural analysis for each student. This training is not only for yoga teachers but for anyone interested in helping themselves take good care of their spine, hips, and pelvis. This training will be fun, easy to learn and wonderful for experienced anatomy students but not intimidating for students new to anatomy. Mostly we will just be having great experiences applying what we learn to our bodies.

About Andrea Peloso:

A passionate yoga student since the age of fifteen, Andrea is a featured teacher with Yoga International and a trainer in Restorative Yoga, and Yoga. Her digital and live trainings are known across the world.

Andrea has an energetic, gentle, and caring teaching style and seeks to make her classes educational, clear, fun and inclusive. Andrea is known for attempting jokes in class which are only sometimes funny, she has a passion for anatomy basics and finding yoga wisdom in the simple things in life.

Andrea has 18 years of teaching experience, 27 years of practice and over 2000 hours of yoga training with many senior teachers including Ramanand Patel, Francois Raoult, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty. She has more than 18 years of continuous study with Judith Lasater who she has assisted and studied with since 2004. She has a degree with distinction in Philosophy including courses in Eastern and Indian Philosophy.

Thursday to Sunday, May 26-29, 2022
Hours: 9:30am-5:30pm

Investment: $495+hst Early Bird (Pandemic Recovery Special) until February 15, 2022
Full price $550+hst
Certification fee: $60+hst or $85+hst after 6 months
Register online HERE or call 902-406-9642

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BUY 2 SAVE 20%, BUY 3 SAVE 30%

You don’t need to be a Yoga Teacher to participate in any of these trainings!

You can be…

~ a yogi interested in deepening your understanding and improving your practice

~ healing from an injury or a big life change and want to understand your body

~ an athlete looking to enhance your performance and nurture your body

~ a health professional such as massage therapist, physiotherapist, nurse, or doula

If you are a 200-hour Yoga Teacher and are interested in beginning your 500-hour certification, all 3 programs are pre-approved components for this certification and all hours can be applied to the upcoming 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Halifax Yoga!

Register online HERE or call 902-406-9642 for more information about these highly anticipated trainings!

Participants can sign up for just one course and take advantage of the early bird discount, or you can sign up for 2 to get 20% off, 3 to get 30% off.

*20% & 30% off are based on the regular price. No other deals apply.*

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Prenatalearly bird  $350.00 $402.50Until March 8th, 2022. Only if buying 1 course.
 regular $400.00 $460.00 
 20% off $320.00 $368.00For 2 courses
 30% off $280.00 $322.00For 3 courses
Spineearly bird  $495.00 $569.25Until Feb 15, 2022. Only if buying 1 course.
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