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  • Faith

    “Faith is believing in something that you can not see, but you know to be true.”
    Taking a leap of faith can be scary, and trusting that it is right, even if it doesn’t make any sense, can be even more difficult.
    This all has shown up in multiple areas of my life over the past year and a half. Personal relationships, as …

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  • Yoga Paradox

    I had a dream I wanted to scream,
                        but no sound came out.
    I had a morning where I longed for silence,
                        but I screamed and screamed.
    I strive for expansiveness and constant motion,
            but I forever cling to stability and prediction.
               “It’s going to be alright.” I say as the optimist.
              “Shut up, Liar.” I say as the other.
            My truth giggles and speaks …

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  • Be Challenged.
    Still Your Mind.
    Find Community.

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