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  • Restorative Yoga ~ The Yoga of Empowerment

    When you hear the term Restorative Yoga, what comes to mind?  Restorative Yoga is often described as a gently practice of long held supported  postures, that is good for beginners, good for those with injury or those that need stress relief.  The words gentle, nourishing, relaxing are often used to describe this practice and it all very true.  A litany of recent studies and
    medical …

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  • June: Lisa Jardine

    Lisa is a graduate of Halifax Yoga’s inaugural 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, and assisted the last two years in the HY YTT program by mentoring, facilitating and holding space for new yoga teachers. She has studied Yoga for Emotional Balance with Bo Forbes at Kripalu and will be attending a 10 day silent meditation Vipassana in Montebello, Quebec in early June.
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  • Be Challenged.
    Still Your Mind.
    Find Community.

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