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  • December: Matthew Docherty

    I started practicing yoga in 2008 and it was after I took my first Baptiste class that I knew I had found the style of yoga that was for me.  I love the way it pushes me to my edge both mentally and physically.  Over the years I’ve discovered that it’s not the practice that changes but rather the way I approach from the mat …

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  • Army Officer to Yoga Teacher…

    Transitioning from a long career as an Army officer to yoga teacher was a major life transition – one which I didn’t plan or ever expected I would make.
    Yoga – not for me….
    As  a hard charging, determined and driven Army Officer; taking a yoga class wasn’t even on my radar screen.  In response to a friend’s request to attend a yoga class, …

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  • Chronic

    Recently I was in a workshop where the teacher asked if anyone in the room had back pain. I raised my hand, I have had back pain for a very long time. The teacher then looked at me and asked if it was chronic or recent? I paused, like really paused. I didn’t want to say the word. It carried too much meaning. Chronic is …

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  • Black Bean Brownie Recipe

    I was gearing up for a pot luck this week and my task was to bring a dessert. Wanting to provide something that served me and was slightly on the healthier side, I whipped up a batch of these puppies!

    Black Bean Brownies
    1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed
    3 eggs
    1 cup coconut sugar
    1/4 cup Cocoa
    1/3 cup Coconut oil
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  • November: Sandra Ryan

    I started teaching at the YMCA about 36 years ago. It wasn’t very pretty! I had taken a Leadership Training course and was asked to start a class. I made a tape and ventured forth one evening after my daughters were tucked in bed. Since that first class I have never stopped teaching because I love it!

    Teaching and training for everything from aerobics, …

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    Still Your Mind.
    Find Community.

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